Events & Activities

What we do

In encouraging deep learning and well-being in ourselves and our students, Still Point has offered the following types of programming:

15 Mindful Minutes – weekly 15- to 20-minute facilitated sessions in mindful practices such as breath work, mind-body integration, guided visualizations, walking meditation and silence; led by skilled meditation leaders within the Appalachian Community

Mindful Methods – one-hour discussions, meditations or skill-teaching held periodically throughout the semester by members of the Appalachian Community

Mindful College Classroom learning community – organized in 2016-17 in conjunction with College STAR to enhance pedagogy for all learners

Book groups through Hubbard Programs for Academic Excellence, Still Point has led book groups on “Buddha’s Brain,” “Contemplative Practices in Higher Education” and other works

Collaborations with other units – presentations, workshops, meditations and other activities have been organized with Human Resources, Student Development, Belk Library and other campus units; Still Point members have led meditations for office retreats and other special events

Social events – occasionally sponsored at the start of a semester.

Upcoming Events