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In encouraging deep learning and well-being in ourselves and our students, Still Point has offered the following types of programming

Workshops – Led by skilled meditation leaders, contemplative practitioners, faculty and staff within the Appalachian Community

Book groups – The Center for Academic Excellence, has supported Still Point book groups on “Buddha’s Brain,” “Contemplative Practices in Higher Education” and other works

Still Point Contemplative Learning Community – Spring 2019 sponsored by Center for Academic Excellence. This group meets monthly at noon on Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 27 & Apr 24. The learning community focuses on the integration of contemplative practices in teaching and learning. Contemplative practices are broadly defined as mindfulness, meditation, deep listening, and methods of inquiry that unite body, heart, and mind.

The goals of the learning community will be to:

  • Explore our experiences of contemplative teaching strategies through dialogue, presentations, and research
  • Encourage academic success and well being in our students and ourselves through contemplative work

Social events and Gatherings – Still Point occasionally hosts "teas and opportunities" for the campus to meet and network.

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