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Contemplative Pedagogy and Practices Directory

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Ways You Can Participate

  • Join the Contemplative Learning Community (spring 2019) contact Elaine (
  • Attend Still Point gatherings, workshops, and sponsored campus events
  • Join the organization’s leadership team to help plan and facilitate future events
  • Lead meditations or mindfulness practices
  • Suggest and/or lead a book discussion group
  • Help build the scholarship of contemplative pedagogy on campus by sharing how you implement contemplative pedagogy in your classroom, as well as share links to scholarly conferences, papers, or organizations related to contemplative pedagogy
  • Work with us on writing grants and locating support or funding to further campus initiatives in contemplative inquiry

To be a member of Still Point, you must be a current student, faculty/staff member, alum or retiree of Appalachian and attend at least one Still Point function, meeting or event during an academic year.

What to Expect as a Meditation Participant

  • 15 minutes of a mindful activity led by an experienced faculty/staff facilitator. This could be a seated or movement-based meditation, breathing exercise or other mindful activity.
  • A mini-introduction to meditation if you’ve never participated in this kind of activity before.
  • A relaxing break from work!

What’s Expected of a Meditation Leader

Talk to the Still Point leadership team about your interest in leading 15 Mindful Minutes. If you haven’t led one of our events before, please submit to the president a 1-2 paragraph summary of your personal meditation practice and/or teaching and facilitation experience.

Once the leadership team agrees on your qualifications to lead, sign up for a date.

On the day of your event:

  • Show up about 10 minutes before the time. If presenting in the student union you may need to stop by the information desk (across from Cascades) to request the room be opened.
  • Be prepared to greet people on their arrival and lead a small group of faculty/staff in a meditation of your choosing – this can be a seated or movement-based meditation, breathing exercise or other mindful activity. Participants may or may not have meditation experience, so some explanation at the start may be necessary.
  • Note: Meditations typically have anywhere from 2 to 10 people. 

Interested in being a leader? Email